• October 24, 2021

Best Nintendo Switch Horror Games To Play Ahead Of Halloween

The Nintendo Switch has earned praise over the years for being a perfect bridge between handheld gaming and a more traditional home console experience. It’s also the best console for ensuring that you’ll never get a good night’s sleep, as not even the usually impregnable fortress of your bedsheets can save you from the monsters contained within that console once a few horror games have been downloaded. With the recent release of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model also visually amplifying those handheld terrors and Halloween around the corner, now’s a great time to look at the games that are worth having on that device in the spookiest of all months.

Amnesia: Collection
Starting this list off with a killer compilation, you can’t go wrong with the Amnesia: Collection that bundles the genre-defining horror games into a stomach-churning digestion of its greatest hits. The Dark Descent, the expansion Justine and the sequel, A Machine for Pigs, are all included here in case you missed out on them the first time, all brought up to a more modern standard of graphical gore. A triple-threat benchmark in horror game storytelling for its era, this blast from the past is still capable of making you jump.

Carrion flips the script on the usual monster mayhem, as this time you’re the one that’s in control of a body horror experiment gone awry. While it’s absolutely satisfying to throw a grisly blob of tentacles and muscle tissue around a level with reckless abandon, it’s also unnerving to see this creature in action. Even the retro graphics of this game can’t hide the disturbing nature of this bioweapon, as victims scream before they’re torn asunder, and the superb sound design sends a shiver down your spine as you ooze through stages. The entire experience plays out with disgusting beauty.

Darkest Dungeon
No matter how tough your party is, descending into a deep and grim dungeon is bound to leave a few scars on your psyche if you manage to survive the experience. Darkest Dungeon captures that journey perfectly, mixing nightmare fuel visuals with a cast of characters who are haunted by the terrors that they’ve seen in the shadows. As awful as that mental descent is, on Switch the game plays brilliantly thanks to an option to use the console’s touchscreen for its turn-based RPG action.

Pure stress and horror wrapped up in a portable package, Darkest Dungeon may be disturbing but at least its gameplay loop is worth enduring the chills locked within its deepest jails.

Unsettling is one way to accurately describe Darkwood, a game that drags you into its forest with nightmarish monsters, an atmosphere that chokes you with its foreboding dread, and a story that knows exactly how much information it needs to keep hidden in the shadows. A collection of horrific secrets and a purposefully stifling art design that’ll have your hairs standing up on end whenever you venture into its infected woods, this creepy game knows you’ll be both repulsed by its themes and hopelessly addicted to its fascinating atmosphere.

No matter what terrors the mind can conjure, nothing is more terrifying than the monsters lurking within our own society. Detention draws inspiration from this idea, using the political peril that was commonplace during the 1960s in Taiwan to tell a fascinating story. With an escalating sense of tension as you move through its eerie atmosphere, Detention’s unpleasant nature only increases as you’re subjected to spine-tingling sound design that lets your imagination fill in the gaps. A handheld masterpiece of political terror, Detention’s story is as disturbing as it is impactful.

Dying Light
Techland’s superb zombie apocalypse game is deceptively easy once you start playing it and parkouring over the undead hordes during the daylight hours, but once the sun sets, that’s when the game really begins.

More vicious infected people emerge, and every sprint between safe zones is a desperate experiment in fight or flight survival as the world around you bites back. Tense from start to finish, Dying Light is a pulse-pounding sandbox backed up by years of thrilling content.

You’d expect any game from the developers of Limbo (more on this later) to carry the torch of that grisly adventure, and developer Playdead didn’t disappoint with 2018’s Inside. A grim puzzle-platformer, Inside wastes no time in establishing its dark tone and packing a surprising amount of unsettling content into its lithe frame. Monsters of every shape and form can be found within it, and with the OLED screen of the new Switch model providing perfect contrast, Inside’s desaturated art design looks better than ever. If you can survive long enough to appreciate it, that is.

Layers of Fear: Legacy
Arguably the first horror game that was firing on all cylinders for the Switch during its infancy, 2018’s Layers of Fear: Legacy perfectly recaptured the suspense of the game when it debuted on other platforms and updated itself for the Switch’s hardware. That move resulted in a game that was creatively surprising as you guided a tortured artist through various nightmares across a canvas of rich and detailed creepiness. A moody exploration of a painter watching the world fall apart around them, this incarnation of Layers of Fear runs wonderfully on Switch in either of its signature modes, and with the Inheritance DLC added in, it’s a terrifically terrifying value for money.

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